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15 Transplants for Our Clients in August 2023

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Charlie Miller

Steven Sneed

Gary Romberger

Veronica Solano Guerrero



Keith Brion Jones

Glory Dean Martin

Viola Barnes

Tanisha Ellerbe

Lois Jean Brockey



Clayne Piper

Andrew Granick



Donald Sulley


double lung

Sharnet Anderson

Stacia Littledave



Kenneth Sims


Your Support - Our Hope

There is nothing our team loves more than seeing community support and resilience turn into tangible hope for our clients as they pursue the gift of life.

Like you, we believe no patient or family should have to lose hope because of the financial burden of a transplant.

That’s why transplant fundraising has been a core part of our mission and our day-to-day work since 1983.

We’re here because of you.

Your one-time or recurring donation can ensure transplant patients have somewhere to turn to convert community-based support into tangible financial help – and hope for a brighter future.

Help us fund the gift of life today.

Written by Emily Progin