Double Lung Transplant Cost Assistance: Find the Financial Support You Need

Did you know the number of double lung transplants has exceeded roughly 1,500 in the past two years? Although not considered common, they are occurring at an increasing number. We know raising the support and finances can be a daunting task, but there are many people who have had success securing fundraising for double lung transplant costs. Also, many transplant institutions have financial counselors to assist patients in navigating the insurance challenges which sometimes present themselves.

Estimated Double Lung Transplant Cost

Consulting firm Milliman tallies the average costs of different organ transplants in the U.S. before insurance. The estimated cost of a double lung transplant in the United States before insurance is $1,295,900, including typical costs such as the following.

  • Pre-transplant medical care needs (30 days): $45,000
  • Organ procurement: $127,700
  • Hospital admission for transplant: $759,800
  • Physician cost for transplant: $77,200
  • Post-transplant medical care needs (180 days): $231,500
  • Immunosuppressants and other medications: $26,500

Average Cost of a Double Lung Transplant

In the United States the consulting firm Milliman found the total cost of a single lung transplant to be $561,200, which includes $10,300 for a month’s worth of care leading up to the transplant; $73,100 for the procurement of the organ; $302,900 for hospital transplant admission; $33,500 for the surgeon; and $23,700 for immunosuppressants and other prescription drugs. The report estimates the total cost for a double transplant to be $797,300.

Double Lung Transplant Survival Rate

Many people who have a double lung transplant go on to live far more active and fulfilling lives. Overall, 1-, 5-, and 10-year graft survival rates for double lung transplant recipients were 79.5%, 50.6%, and 30.4% respectively; those for left-lung transplant recipients were 76.0%, 41.8%, and 17.1%; and for right-lung transplant recipients were 78.3%, 44.8%, and 19.2%.

Will Insurance Cover Double Lung Transplant Costs?

The truth is, it all depends on your insurance and where you choose to have your transplant done. Some transplant facilities only accept certain insurance. Even if you do have a double lung transplant, there will likely be significant post-operative costs you’ll have to cover out of pocket. This is where a Help Hope Live fundraiser can be of great assistance.

Securing Financial Assistance for a Double Lung Transplant

Establishing greater support for double lung transplant patients is the goal of Help Hope Live. Through community-based fundraising, our nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping those in need to raise funds for medical treatment costs associated with double lung transplant.

How Does Fundraising for a Double Lung Transplant Work?

Fundraising with our nonprofit works as follows:

  1. Submit a campaign request for assistance at
  2. You’ll be paired with a Client Services Coordinator.
  3. Your Coordinator will provide you with one-on-one fundraising help, including personalized fundraising materials and guidance on how to rally your community, share your story on social media, reach out to the press, plan in-person or virtual fundraising events, and much more.

How Is Help Hope Live Different from GoFundMe?

Help Hope Live differs from GoFundMe by:

  • Verifying your medical need for complete donor confidence
  • Enabling tax-deductible donations
  • Providing one-on-one fundraising help
  • Managing all funds raised to protect your state-based benefits (funds raised are not considered personal income/assets to you)

We are a nonprofit with over 30 years of transplant fundraising experience and a 4-star Charity Navigator rating.

Does Community-Based Fundraising Work?

Here are a few Help Hope Live fundraising success stories:

"If I could give one word of advice to a pre-transplant patient, it would be Help Hope Live. In four years, my team has raised over $75,000! And we're not finished."

Rachelle Ledbetter received the long-awaited call for a double lung transplant in 2021. Amid the chaos and excitement, she and her family thanked their community of support for their prayers, texts, calls, help, hope, and donations. Rachelle is a dedicated Brand Ambassador who calls Help Hope Live my extended family.

I am alive and well and able to do things I wasn't able to do for years. This is a wonderful journey that couldn't have been possible without the support from my friends, family and co-workers and acquaintances. As this site says: Help HOPE Live.

John Miller urgently required a double lung transplant to survive multiple life-impacting lung issues. His family turned to Help Hope Live to assist with associated costs, including medical travel and temporary relocation and an estimated $10,000 in post-transplant anti-rejection drugs during his first year alone. His campaign raised nearly $23,000 in six months. John celebrated five months post-transplant on July 4,2021.

"We're excited to pass along the hope for an incredible and fulfilling life regardless of the circumstance; just as it passed to us by Help Hope Live."

Music teacher Josh Sarchet received a double-lung transplant to fight idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Fundraising was critical to Josh’s gift of life, including to cover the cost of temporary relocation for several months to sustain his health and begin his recovery post-transplant. Josh and his wife, Laura, posted diligent updates about their journey week by week on Josh’s Campaign Page, including Josh’s efforts to serenade Laura during his recovery. Today, they are Help Hope Live Brand Ambassadors who help other transplant patients find hope through community support.


Pre-transplant medical care needs
Organ procurement
Hospital admission for transplant
Physician cost for transplant
Post-transplant medical care needs
Immunosuppressants and other medications


Ready to Get Started?

If you choose to fundraise with our nonprofit, here’s how the process will look:

1. APPLY for assistance

2. YOU’LL BE PAIRED with a Client Services Coordinator

3. YOUR COORDINATOR will provide you with one-on-one fundraising help, including personalized fundraising materials and guidance on how to rally your community, share your story on social media, reach out to the press, plan in-person or virtual fundraising events, and more.

Need Other Financial Help Options?

For alternatives to fundraising, you can find information on a variety of double lung transplant financial assistance options. Please view our Transplant Resource Directory for insight into sources of direct financial aid, support groups, and other resources for double lung transplant patients and their families.