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UPDATED: 14 Transplants Since January 1!

“2022 will be the year of healing, peace and success…Thanks to all who said a prayer, left a message, sent a gift or gave a donation”

stem cell

Keith Potter



Debbie McDaniel

Marta Ramirez



Ellen Rifkin



Neil Eldridge



Romey Bumpers

J.R. Smith

Katlin Plemmons

Daniel Strawn

Thomas Pigage



Karen Love

Louis Bussey


double lung

Richard Morales

Deborah Herrero

Your Donation - Our Hope

When you donate to Help Hope Live, you ensure that transplant families across the country can access the trusted and compassionate medical fundraising support that they need to receive and sustain the gift of new life.

Be a part of their miracle – make a donation today to keep our mission strong.

Written by Emily Progin