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23 Transplants Made Possible This Summer

“Anna received a kidney from her youngest sister Rachel. No complications for either of them and the new kidney is working fantastic! As we continue to recover slowly every day, we want to thank everyone for the incredible amount of love and support we are receiving! We love you all and hope you stay well.”


LaShanda Coleman

Jennifer Jensen



Butch Higgins

Jeffrey Williams

Gary Brink



Daniel Stearns



Ger Brunckhorst

Larissa Hudson

Xavier Stephens

Erika Broyles

Bryan Turner-Bowers

Flora Sumrall

Quinn Grey Lonewolf

Pansy Waters

David Kenney

Trisha Ferland

Anna Rebedew



Ross Rudnitsky

Larry Wilcox


double lung

Viscardia Cherry-Moore

William Griffith

Megan Puckett

Jay Walschon

Written by Emily Progin